Product Range

Product Range

Wide variety

Year-round, we find the precise products and qualities you request, whether they have a firm or floury texture, white or yellow flesh, white or red skin, washed, virtually soil-free or unwashed and in any size. We select from potato varieties such as El Mundo, Musica, Melody, Challenger, Fontane, Innovator, Bintje and Agria, cultivated with respect for the environment and the produce. To ensure we offer the right product to long term satisfied partners, quality control is an essential part of our selection procedure.

Dutch potatoes

Ever since its introduction in the 1600s, the potato has claimed a main role on both the Dutch dinner plate and at its farmlands. As one of the world’s top potato producers, we still plant almost 25 percent of our arable land with potatoes or ‘aardapppels’, resulting in a highly mechanized sector with over 250 approved potato varieties.

The Netherlands is the world’s major supplier of certified seed potatoes, and we’re here to offer you the exact product you need.

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