Quality produce

4 Potato Holland

With over 45 years of experience, 4 Potato Holland is your expert provider of quality potatoes and field crop. As part of 4 Fruit Company, an international fruit and vegetables import and export organisation founded in 2000, we can rely on worldwide connections and a complete package of vegetables and fruit.

Q uality Produce

Quality for us is not only the actual quality upon departure. We carefully select our produce, based on where it is grown, under which circumstances and how it is treated at the post-harvest facilities, in order to serve you products that will still have great shelf life upon arrival.

R eliable expertise worldwide

A dependable partner who will act as promised. We respect and cherish our relations.

A strategic partner specialized in product quality and logistics.

We operate all over the world, finding the best deals with shipping companies and preparing the best suitable quality for each market. We strive for ultimate flexibility and we continuously push to get the job done.